As one of the top VPN Service providers, TorGuard continues to rapidly expand its VPN network to keep up with the growing demand for internet security and privacy. With increased interest from clients in USA and South Africa TorGuard has recently announced new gigabit VPN endpoints in the cities of Seattle and Johannesburg . These new server locations are intended to offer faster connections for new users based in the northwestern US and Africa, making a fast VPN service even faster anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is now possible to unblock and stream local South African programming online just as if you were located within the city of Johannesburg.

TorGuard VPN services hides your personal IP address and also encrypts your sensitive data so no one can wrongfully record or eavesdrop on what you are doing on the web. Your privacy in this digital age is invaluable and no one wants their browser history, social habits, or private chats to fall into the wrong hands. Using VPN service helps to patch holes in your security by keeping digital communications and web browsing completely private. With our recent VPN network and bandwidth upgrades, this also guarantees fast connections for new and existing consumers worldwide.

While online privacy and censorship gain added exposure, more and more users are looking for true internet security and freedom. This large uptick in interest continues to fuel TorGuard’s rapid VPN network expansion around the globe. To keep up with the growth TorGuard has added hundreds of VPN and proxy servers in ten new countries just over the past few months.

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