Electronics manufacturers are constantly working to improve existing screen technologies. And the developments are going fast. The 4K televisions have been in stores for less than five years and 8K sets are already on the rise. Do you have to exchange your ‘old’ TV for the newest of the newest? We do not recommend it. If you see a new aanbieding smart tv and you want to compare it with a 4k tv goedkoop, you can clearly see that an 8K television is way too expensive for what you get at the moment. For that price it’s way better to wait it out a bit more.

What Is 8k Television Exactly?

Briefly, 8K devices can conjure up four times more pixels on the screen than 4K devices and even sixteen times more than the ‘normal’ High Definition images. The TVs have a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, which produces an image that is extremely sharp. For comparison, Full HD has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

A Sharper Image, A Sharper Price?

Unfortunately not. On the contrary: for an 8K television you quickly pay between five thousand and fifteen thousand euros, which is considerably more expensive than many 4K screens, which have already fallen considerably in price in recent years. For less than 500 euros you already have a 4K television in your living room or bedroom. Moreover, the offer of 8K televisions is still limited. Samsung has launched the first batch of devices in the Netherlands.

The Content For 8k Televisions Is Still A Bit Undeveloped

Is the higher price worth it? At the moment the answer to this is short, but powerful ‘no’. There is no content for 8K televisions yet. This may have been the case in the beginning with 4K, but experts expect that it will take much longer before 8K gets a broad adoption.

One of the problems that television manufacturers face is the fact that a good internet connection will be needed to stream films and series via Netflix, for example. The images take up a huge amount of data. An 8K film of one hour requires a few terabytes of memory. Even the fastest internet connections cannot handle this.

The amount of data is also a problem for video cameras. It is not in line with expectations that you will soon be able to film 8K ​​images with your smartphone, because it simply requires advanced technology.

So for the time being it is wise to keep it with your 4K television. With screen sizes from 55 to 65 inches, 4K will suffice.

No Use For 8k Televisions At The Moment?

Apart from the data required for streaming and storage, there is another issue around 8K: do you see the difference? You will not see the difference on the small screen of your smartphone, where 4K is actually higher than necessary. If you really want the razor-sharp images of 8K, you will also need a huge television screen of at least 65 inches in diameter.