A good business sense should prevail while buying bonds. Long term bonds give more benefits. The same goes for retirement pension schemes. You will get a comfortable amount if you opt for a long term pension scheme.

Coming to real estate, it is the way to go for most business men. Or should I say many businesses have started off as a real estate buy and hold strategy. For this you need to keep your eyes open for good investments in PPE. You can buy and hold the asset for some time and then sell it off for a profit. However you must keep in mind that PPE usually depreciates. But land never depreciates as it has an infinite life span. This means investing in land is always profitable.

One major advantage of depreciation expense is that it helps companies fairly state the amount of expense incurred as a result of using an asset during an accounting period to properly match with the revenue that the asset use intends to generate in the same period.

When you dispose off an asset, the capital gains are huge and are also taxed at more favorable rates. The next question is when to take depreciation. This is usually done at the end of the financial year so it can be included in your taxes. However this process is not as easy as it seems. A tax professional is your best bet because the IRS has several limitations and restrictions that is challenging for the layman to understand.

Therefore depreciation of assets is a great way to save tax and claim deductions. Familiarize yourself with all methods of depreciation and then apply the one you are most comfortable with.