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Have you planned to visit Tokyo? Then have an idea of the best things to do in Tokyo before your trip.

Senso-ji is Tokyo’s most popular Buddhist temple and is visited by scores of pilgrims. Combine their footsteps and see this fantastic temple situated in Asakusa.  Nakamise-dori, the road and that is situated is lined with vibrant stores from which you’ll be able to take away cool moments.

Explore the space around Tokyo’s Harajuku Station. It’s called Harajuku and can be situated between Shibuya and Shinjuku around the Yamanote Line.  It’s a captivating place filled with shopping and also an educational look into the adolescent tradition of Tokyo.  For the latter trip the Takeshita Street (along with its side roads), since they are filled with trendy stores catering to the hottest teen fashion.  If you are interested in buying, Omotesando Avenue is the area for you; it’s all of the significant brands in addition to good restaurants and cafes serving a much more adult crowd.

Can you remember the famous crossing exhibited in each film that’s located in Tokyo?  It is known as the Shibuya crossing along with a sea of humankind can be regarded to cross every couple of minutes.  Be part of this.

For the Anime fans, Tokyo’s Anime Center is a great place to visit. It had been created to advertise hosts and anime regular events, interviews with founders in addition to voice actors and sells unique product.  If you adore your anime (as you need to) make sure you go to this.

If you would like to escape from the bustle of the most important town, look no farther than any among Tokyo’s lovely botanical gardens. That are free to input comprise Happoen near Shirokanedai Station, and people connected to the Four Seasons Chinzan-so along with also the New Otani Hotel in Akasaka.

And make certain to capture any of those many weekly festivals that occur in various regions of Tokyo.  Fire walking, cherry blossom watching and parades, those make for entertaining viewing.