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Albion Online Daggers Abilities

Me and my friend put together our vision or Daggers abilities (our rework version). It's not fair to scold without any versions. Also I will try explain why we choosed those abilities. So there is our vision of T4.1 Dagger, T4.2 Dagger Pair and T4.3 Claws:

We see Dagger as standart stackable discharging weapon. Any weapon of this thread should have instant damage and DOT effect at "Q" ability. This will help interrupt enemy casting (or give you some more time). We were thinking about "W" - "Infiltration" ability also. A player with Dagger is melee warrior. Very squishy. And should have very good physical damage burst, if you have enough Cheap Albion Online Gold. As he very squishy, he should have good mobility. We decided, that point-targeted (not player-targeted) blink (jump) could solve this. Also, it's a shadow-warrior. He requires invisibility immediately after blink. To get closer to target and be alive. Or maybe to escape.

- Q: Stackable instant damage and DOT bleeding. (standart CD);
- W: (As adviced Dagother with my corrections) Instant (or short delayed) blink to point in range 9-11m, which gives invisibility for 3 seconds and increased next autoattack (10 sec CD);
- E: "Slit Throat" ability from current daggers pair (standart CD).

Now I would like talk about Dagger Pair. This is pair of daggers, obviously. And we think, Dagger Pair and Claws should have x2 attack speed compared one-handed Dagger attack speed. These weapons (Pair and Claws) wins because of auto-attack buffs and speed. Also as these weapons damage based on auto-attacks, there is should be CC ability. We decided take stun.

Dagger Pair:
- Q: Same as upper;
- Q (alternative selection): Inflicts poison to the weapon, which gives additional damage every auto-attack. Self-buff. Same as "E" current Dagger. (same CD)
- W: Same as upper;
- E: Immediately (or very shord cast time) STUN single target for 6 seconds and possible plus some damage. For example, 200-300 (20 sec CD);
- Passive: Same as current Dagger Pair passives.

And, finally Claws. We cannot miss them. As "E" ability is unique, and, even maybe like "ultimate" ability, we decided make one different very useful effect. Just remember, this type of weapon should have x2 attack speed, because it's Claws.

- Q: Same as upper;
- Q (alternative selection): Same as upper;
- W: Same as upper;
- E: Immediately (or very short cast time) INTERRUPT CAST effect with good amount of damage. For example, 300-400 (25 sec CD);
- Passive: Same as current Claws passives.

Summary: now daggers much better in my opinion. Of course, everything chould be changed, but it's mine and my friend's vision of nice Albion Online Items. At least better than we have current now. We believe that Pair of Daggers and Claws should get burst from buffed and fastest auto-attacks. It's logical. Maybe some of abilities too OP. But currently daggers too UP. Hope, you like it.
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