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Horses are intelligent, but they likely will not be telling you straight which name that they like best… but there are a few interesting ways to have them engaged in the design process.  You will have the ability to say your horse picked their very name and will result in a fantastic story!

Munching Carrots

Publish a string using a name onto it on the peak of every lettuce, and then give them for a horse.  Whichever carrot she or he melts first is the winner.

Floating Balloons

Write down names onto bits of newspaper and put one in every bin.  Blow up the balloons and connect them.  Get your horse to poke at a balloon along with the nose of it.  Cut on the rope and see it float off.  Repeat until there’s but 1 balloon abandoned.  Pop the balloon reveals the name.

Horsing About

You have seen these movies of horses playing giant chunks?  Take some hoola hoops laid out round the paddock, every one designating a name.  Twist the horse the ball and then also determine that which hoop it receives nearest to and pick this name.

Other than these random horse name generator can also be useful.